Teacher Letter for “Greening of the American Classroom” and MCLA 2022 Schedule and 2021 Available Courses


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Dear Teachers,

“The Greening of the American Classroom” our next MCLA three graduate credit online course starts Saturday March 19. There are seven new Spring 2022 courses (below) on the schedule. Of course, you may register for any of them beginning after the listed starting date. We hope you will be able to integrate our 3 credit courses into your schedule to allow your salary to better reflect your considerable efforts. We will keep the Summer and Fall 2021 Schedule (below) open as well.

Our MCLA (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts) online courses are presented to mirror our in-class experience driven sessions. Of course, instead of physically visiting museums and local attractions we will visit two regionally appropriate venues, The Bronx Botanical Gardens, NYC and The Stamford Bartlett Arboretum, CT virtually. Our objectives will be experienced through online research. The courses are designed to be completed in five days but there is no strict deadline.

If you are not familiar with our program, Massachusetts College (MCLA) employs “distance learning” a program utilizing museums and attractions locally. These three credit courses for graduates will be presented now online with no classroom sessions and no offsite visits. Throughout the year we offer MCLA three credit courses for graduates twenty times; it is possible to earn 60 credits in a calendar year. Hundreds of teachers have earned MCLA credits that have allowed them to quickly raise their salaries.

For more information, all course flyers and registration go to www.StuUedu.com or you may register with me directly. The full 2022 Schedule may be found here too. Please follow us at www.Facebook.com/StuUedu and www.Twitter.com/StuUedu. If there are any questions, please let me know.

I hope you will join us.

My best,


2022 class schedule:


The Impact of Race in Our SchoolsJanuary 8 Girl’s Way of LearningJanuary 22 Boy’s Way of LearningFebruary 12 Methods and Materials for Teaching Gifted ChildrenFebruary 26 The Greening of the American ClassroomMarch 19 The Civil Rights of Teachers and StudentsApril 9 Photojournalism Topics for Every ClassroomMay 7

The Impact of Immigration on Class Presentations May 28

Multiple Intelligences, Spatial UnderstandingJune 18 How Sports Can Influence AchievementJune 20 Web Technology for all ClassesJune 27 Problem Solving Methods, employing nutritionJuly 9 Developing Critical Thinking Skills: Situation AnalysisJuly 25 Methods for Strengthening Curriculum: Diversity TrainingAugust 6 Utilizing MuseumsAugust 15

Utilizing Humor to Advance CurriculumSeptember 10 Ethics for Classroom TeachersOctober 1 A New Mind for the Classroom: right-brain thinkingOctober 15 How Educational Research Can Impact ClassroomsNovember 4 The Efficient Use of Television for the ClassroomDecember 3 Web Technology for All Classes, Part IIDecember 27 (no prerequisite needed)

 Fall 2021 Schedule

 “Teachers and Leadership”

“Incorporating the Native American Experience”

“School Violence and the Media”

“Integrating Images Within All Classrooms”

“Understanding Modern Art in All Classrooms”

“Creativity in the Classroom”

 Summer 2021 Schedule

Topics for Classroom Teachers: Utilizing the New New York

The Islamic Culture and the American Classroom

Topics in Music for Integration into All Curriculums LS&A

Special Needs Children: Bullies and the Bullied

Multiple Intelligences: Interpersonal Understanding

The Art of Problem Solving

Methods for Introducing Fitness Concepts into Curricula

Gender Issues for the Classroom, equity and LGB